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G.R.O.U.P Ministries Objectives for Din Bandhu Ministries India

  • Networking among the Din Bandhu Ministries (friends to the poor) of nearly 400 churches. Working with Din Bandu leader Ashu Arun Wakode with whom I have had a mentoring relationship for the past 3 years.
  • Help support and establish church plants.
  • Evangelism among the unreached people of Maharashtra, going with Indian Pastors to villages some for the first time ever hearing the Gospel.
  • Develop a skills training program starting with my trade, painting and decorating. Try to get government support for this program. Later try to bring in other trades through other Christian businessmen.
  • Develop discipleship and leadership training among the Indian Christian community across Maharashtra.
  • Raise financial support for Din Bandhu ministries.
  • Raise awareness and support by inviting Australian and USA churches to support these ministries and programs.
  • Organize mission trips for teams to come and minister.
  • Help develop children’s ministries and orphanages. Feeding and educational programs.

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Having Fun With the Din Bandhu Students at Their Skill Training Centre

About Din Bandhu Ministries

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

History and Brief Description

Formed in 1991, Din Bandhu is an indigenous Indian Christian ministry embracing the historically central tenets of the Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed. The unique calling of Din Bandhu can be found in the meaning of the name, “Friend of the Poor.”

As individuals and as a ministry they are committed to bringing the Lordship of Jesus Christ –“The Friend of the Poor” – into the lives of some of India’s poorest and least reached People Groups – spiritually, socially and economically. DinBandhu is a Church, Social Benefactor and Church planting ministry targeting poor andun-reached people groups in Central India. They long to bring justice and dignity through the truth and power of the Gospel to people who have suffered oppression and bondage at the hands of a caste system that calls them sub-human, untouchable, or worthless.

Ministry Accomplishments

Completion of an Audio Cassette Recording Studio

God has faithfully provided recording instruments. We are able to record worship music in languages without a script. We want to see a passionate and vibrant worship of Jesus. We are recording worship in seven different languages for illiterates. Songs were written and sung in their traditional tunes. We saw the singers totally immersed in worship casting off all for Christ. For various tribal groups we want to develop worship that will redeem their cultural forms. Most of our previous audiocassettes were well received because it was the first time many were hearing something about Jesus in their own language. We desire to have ardent worship and discipleship through parables in a story telling form. Most Hindu religious literature is in the poetic form. It is great to see different people groups express themselves in their own way.

Water Well Digging Project

Many farmers who committed suicide last years because of a lack of water for livestock, crops, and even for their families. This water is precious. Dimbandu has dug over 170 wells, providing economic viability for these people.

Samaritan’s Purse

In the year 2005 we distributed 28,000 shoeboxes. 19,000 children have studied lessons on Jesus Christ. More that 50,000 new testaments and audiocassettes were distributed. This gift ministry gave us entrance into different government and private schools in many villages. During the year 2006 we will be distributing 35,000 shoeboxes in 5 different districts touching 29 different people groups. We are going to distribute them among AIDS affected children, leper colony children, developmentally handicapped children, government remand homes, Banjara, And and the street and toilet cleaners called the Valmiki people. Last year’s efforts were appreciated and we were awarded by the Samaritan purse for excellence in church relationship. We want to see children knowing the Lord from childhood. There are many testimonies and we want to see much more that that.

Rescue and Relief operation at Digras floods…

One Sunday afternoon we received news that many people lost their lives and others became homeless due to floods. When we heard believers in various villages were severely affected the Dinbandhu team immediately went to the spot with food packets, blankets, clothing and

About Din Bandhu Ministries

medicines. We were the first relief team with aid to lend a helping hand. We praise God for enabling us to react fast. For 5 days our team worked until late in the night. There was fear of an epidemic but God really answered our prayers. The Christian believers in the village were not included in flood affected people list because of their faith. Finally, we took up this matter with the District Magistrate. After one week they received some help from government. Until then their only hope was God and the church. Government authorities appreciated our medical camp and aid. The medical camp and aid was provided at the affected site so that it was convenient for the people, hence there was a tremendous response to the camp. We had opportunity to pray for sick people. Apart from medicines people needed love and care and shoulders to cry on. It was heart breaking when we saw four children of age 12,10,8 and 2 years who lost their parents in the floods. We ‘adopted’ the four of them in order to look after their food and education.

Skill Training Center

At the Yavatmal Skill Training Center we will be training 100 missionaries in some vocational skills and provide them micro finances to start businesses, get employment and cut down unhealthy dependency. We hope also to gain respect in the community. We hope to see a model established for a church multiplication movement. We would like to advance in technology and be creative in our approach. We want to see success. We need much prayer and wisdom. The training center wase fully constructed by Feb 2006. By June 2006 we were able to start training programs there.

Ministry Center in Wardha

The Ministry Center in Wardha will serve as a worship center and training center for church planters. Its construction is being done quickly. We complete it by Dec 2006.

Prison Ministry

Freedom foundation from Pune and Dinbandhu had a ministry in 3 prisons in Yavatmal, Wardha and Amravati district prisons. In Amravati jail (prison) we had dental clinic for prisoners. Lot of prisoners shared their hearts and their longing for the Truth. Many were in tears sharing different situations and confessed their sins to God. We had great prayer time with them. When we saw 87-year-old banjara man was unjustly treated and brought into prison on false charges of stabbing. His hands were shaky, he asked us to go to his village and visit his home to pass on his message to his wife that he is safe and God is going to release him out of jail. We are helping him with his bail by providing lawyer to plead his case. Most of the prisoners were from low caste background and unemployed.

Young prisoners were confessing if they have better option to earn money they would have never committed crimes. Morever, they were in need to spiritual uplifting. We see more response in prison and more repentance. We believe their time in prison will be preparation time to know do the will of God when they are released from prison. Sometime we face great difficulty with authority that doesn’t like our approach, but prisoners love the good news and fellowship.

Women Ministry

This year we were able to have six seminars for the ladies in Din Bandhu ministries. We have had them in three locations, Wardha, Yavatmal and Nagpur. It is often hard for women to come and attend seminars yet there was an average of fifty womenattending each one. They have shared testimonies of blessings. We would like to share some of these testimonies.

Savita Jumle is a non-Christian NGO working in Yavatmal. She came to DinBandhu to assist in recording a video. Smita asked her if she wanted to attend the seminar. She was planning to go home early but she couldn’t get up because it too interesting. She said, “I feel really peaceful and comforted.” She came up for prayer. She asked if she could bring more ladies for the next seminar.

Manju lives seventy kms from Yavatmal. This was the first time she attended the seminar. She comes from a Hindu family. Her daughter had become a Christian five years ago. Manju also accepted Christ but her husband always forced her to worship Hindu gods. However, before his death nine months ago he asked her to give up the idols and only worship Jesus. Now she, along with all her children, worships Jesus. After attending the seminar she felt the Joy of the Lord take away her depression.

May Raut from Chandur Railway came with two friends. Although Maya is a Christian, she never attended any other church than her own. A month ago she attended a large Christian conference and left feeling unsatisfied. She came to visit her sister in Yavatmal and attended the ladies seminar. Maya was excited about the teaching and felt God move in her life. Later her friend’s daughter called. She exclaimed that her mother’s face was glowing when she camehome from the seminar.

This friend’s family had a special pooja for their Hindu god on the day of the seminar but shechose to come to church instead. After the seminar she wanted nothing to do with poojas.

Savita spoke on the subject of Spiritual Wisdom. Ruth spoke about the ministry of angels andIntimacy with Jesus. Smita shared about going from hopeless to hope.

Soluchana testified that she has experienced God sending His angels before her as sheministers. She has also experienced their help in difficult times. Seema shared similarexperiences. Seema also noted that with man’s wisdom we can do nothing but we can doeverything with God’s wisdom.

Phulabai testified that when we are intimate with God we will not fight the wrong battles. We willnot seek to do our own will but God’s. We will see above and beyondour situations.

Another women expressed that after her husband’s death she felt hopeless. However God has restored her hope. Kalinda said, “I need Spiritual wisdom.”

As we have been preparing to teach this material we have been very blessed. We also needwisdom, Intimacy with Christ, and hope. We thank God He has knitted us together for His glory. We serve Him together with great Joy.

We thank you for keeping us in your prayers. The women who are part of our ministry aredesperate for more of Jesus. Some of them struggle with immense poverty. They don’t know if they will be able to feed their children today. Others have alcoholic or unbelieving husbands.

They struggle to keep their families together. They might endure severe beatings. All the ladiestell us that when they meet together they sense God’s presence. He fills them with joy and peace. They can face tomorrow.

Please continue to keep us in prayer. One woman expressed her frustration this morning. She invited several women to attend the seminar. They agreed to come but when the day arrived they all had excuses and could not come. Pray that their hearts may be opened and they will meet God.

There is so much need. Our hearts are overwhelmed. Only Jesus can meet these women’s needs. We wrestle in prayer for souls.

Many blessings,

Smita, Savita and Ruth

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