Letters of Recommendation

Oliver McMahan, DMin, PhD

Vice-President for Ministry Formation

Professor of Counseling



To whom it may concern:

I am writing to recommend the ministry of Barry and Esther McAlpin.  I have known Barry and Esther for over 20 years as a colleague in ministry and friends.

I have found their ministry to be exemplary in every aspect of Christian service.  Their discipleship, preaching, singing, and missions work has been outstanding.  I have observed and ministered with them.  They display the finest sense of call and guidance from the Lord along with care and competence in ministry.

They have lived exemplary Christian lives, serving as mentors and leaders to many individuals, couples and groups.  They have had blessed and effective lives as individual believers, a couple and Christian parents.

I am happy to recommend them and their ministry.

I currently serve at the Seminary and as Head Pastor of Mt. Olive East Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.


Oliver McMahan, DMin, PhD

Rev. Bill and Winnie McAlpin

November 11, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

From the time that Barry McAlpin was born, he went to church and grew up as a preacher’s kid (PK).  As a very young boy, God had His hand upon Barry’s life.  His mother recorded his first sermon at ten years of age.  His sermon was titled “The Power of God.” Throughout Barry’s life, that power and anointing has been with him.  As a young man, he had opportunities to travel the road of least resistance.  However, Barry chooses to let his testimony and witness identify him as a child of God, in love with Jesus Christ.

It is always the desire of a minister to have his legacy carry into the next generations.  Barry is the fourth generation of Pentecostal ministry in our family.  It is with great thankfulness that we see the calling and anointing upon the McAlpin family.  This calling and the hand of God has continued with Barry and Esther, who are the second generation to live and give themselves to the land down under, Australia.

Both Barry and Esther have repeatedly demonstrated their passion by investing in the lives of young men and women, who are now in full-time ministry.   Their Discipleship Manual, which was developed for G.R.O.U.P Ministries, is being used in many areas of ministry.  The manual’s simple, but dynamic principles recapture the truth that God’s Word never changes.  What some ministries label as a new thing is really the new old thing.  While some were looking for a new thing, they simply went back to the basics of God’s unchanging Word.

Through their teaching, ministry of the Word and song, Barry and Esther have led many to the foot of Calvary and the cross of Jesus.  They have not only become followers, but disciples of Jesus Christ.  They have answered the call to make disciples, and to train labourers for the work of the Kingdom. Barry and Esther share a burden for ministry to the peoples of Australia. We humbly and gratefully recommend their ministry to you.


Bill McAlpin, BA

Father, Pastor, Missionary

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