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Wayne Walker




  • These videos shows a trip I made to Australia in 2007.  For some years God had placed a desire within me to reconnect with some of the Aboriginal men, who knew  my father in the tent revival days. On this trip, I knew in my spirit it would happen. Through a series of God events, I was able to make contact with Wayne Walker after about 26 years. He was my Dad’s first Aboriginal convert. He has an awesome testimony of how he came to Christ. Please follow the videos below, as I  went on  a walk about to find Wayne Walker and others.



Wayne gives his testimony how he first met Bill McAlpin.


Finding others who remembered the tent days


Some of my thoughts

Wayne and Vera share how they pray and interceded for the region


The food Aboriginals like to eat, yum yum.

Wayne teaches me how to talk the kangaroo language

This young Aboriginal lady was heard crying outside the church building one Sunday. Wayne goes outside to see what the noise was about and she was on the ground praying to God to be saved. They took her into the church, led her to Christ, and she is serving the Lord today. Here she is crying out for her people to be saved during the meeting I spoke at, very touching indeed.

My final thoughts

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