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                                                                 Ministry Report of August 2010

Dear Praying

Its a great joy to share about what God is doing in
& through us. As the word says “The effective, fervent prayer
of a righteous man avails much.” James
5: 16 (b)
As you go through this Newsletter I want to thank you for your faithful
prayers for us. Here are some brief testimonies from the womens
seminars we had in Nagpur, Wardha and Yavatmal in the month of August

ARUNA: – I am from
Hindu family and I am not allowed to come to church or any seminar, but
somehow I came to the seminar in Nagpur. I used to have suicidal
thoughts and wanted to end my life. I was depressed and without hope.
Each time I come here & get new blessings. . Today the Lord has
touched me. I thank God for saving my life form committing suicide.

RANI: – When I was sitting in the
seminar in Nagpur I had severe headache & was not able to
concentrate on the teaching. when women laid hand upon me & prayed
my headache was gone while they were praying for me I was trying
to control myself & I had decided not to fall on the ground but when
holy spirit come upon me I could not control myself anymore and I fell
on the ground. This was new experience for me I know that Jesus touched me & healed me.

VENU BAI: – Its been a
year now for this incident. I was traveling in a bus from Yavatmal
towards Nagpur where my son SCHIN was admitted in the hospital for
cancer of Esophagus. He was going to be operated after 2 days. His
condition was very serious I was really worried & I didn’t know what
to do? In the bus Smita was sitting in next seat. We never knew each
other but I felt like talking to her & I shared my heart. She told
me about JESUS who is a loving & living God & he
will take care of you & your son. She prayed with me I accepted
Christ in my heart & with great faith I went to see my son. His
operation was successful. After operation he was very weak. He lost all
his hair, and lost appetite and weight. After some days SMITA &
other sister’s visited my family. They invited us to the church. When I
went to the church with my son he had high fever but after prayer his
fever was gone. Today I brought my son along with me now he has
beautiful hair; he put on weight, his diet improved. I thank God for
doing wonderful things for my son & my family.

onwards I will only serve JESUS I believe he is the only God.

AIDS patient):- She was on the death bed and doctor had given her only 4
days but I praise God for giving her new life. He helped her to come
into this fellowship in Yavatmal to testify that He loves her & He
lives in her.

   When she was dancing in worship she fell down & I
was thinking she shouldn’t dance but next time again she got up &
start dancing as if she was saying let me dance for his glory what he
has done for me.

   When everybody was looking at her was
amazed to see her face glowing. She is great example of faith. What a
great testimony she has for the Lord. Everyone was blessed &
encouraged through her life. 

MALA BAI :- I was
rejecting myself  it was hard to accept myself as a Gods creation  but
today I learn to accept myself as he created me into his own image also
to love my enemies which was always difficult ( Her face was burnt in

   I praise God for all these testimonies. There are
more but wanted to make it short & give you some idea of what God is
doing here. Once again


Please pray for more ladies to come for woman’s seminars.

2) Pray
for Gods anointing to prepare & teach the word of God.

Pray for finances and more laborers.

4) Pray for poor women to
have their need fulfilled & also stand firm in the Lord as they face
opposition from the family & society.

5) Pray for complete
freedom from idol worship.

6) Pray for broken families, single
mothers, widows & sick women.

7) Please pray for the
resources to reach out the unreached.

8) Please pray that God
may bring much fruit through the seed of Gods word which has been sown
in their hearts.

Thanks for joining hands with us in prayers.


at his feet.

Smita S. Papde


Ministry Report of June 2010

    Dear Praying Saints,

      Warm greetings to you in the Name of most high God who is worthy of all praises and honor .I give special thanks to you all who been praying regularly for this ministry and work. I want to say that, your labor is not in vain. God is going to reward you and he has made record of your prayers as it is said in  Malachi 3:16 “Then those who feared the lord talked with each other, and the lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the lord and honored his name.”

           This month we had our regular seminars in different places and each one was the special.

Here are some stories:-


    When I received the phone call about women’s seminar next day. That day I was very depressed and lonely and I was thinking of committing suicide but  this phone call changed my mind .While listing to the word, God spoke to my heart and now I come to know that committing suicide is a sin .


     Today’s teaching was a real blessing to me. I learn how to control my anger, and show love to my children and husband.


      I was sick and tired but still God spoke to me through his word and healed me. He also touched my daughter and delivered her from the evil spirit. I praise the lord!!!


      I was thinking of committing suicide but after listing to the word of God He has changed my heart and I decided to live this life for him no matter what happens to me .I’m so glad that God has given me life and I know Jesus  is the lord of my life. I thank the lord!!!

Prayer points:-


1. Please pray that God may help us to reach out the women’s of the local city and nearby villages.

2. Please pray for the preparation and the right topics to share in the seminars.

3.  Please pray for the power of the holy spirit.

4.  Please pray that, God may touch each and every women who come for the seminar they may come to know the lord in a personal way .

5.  Please pray that many women leaders raise and get ready to take the leadership for their own area and church.

6.  Please pray that we may able to see more wonders and miracles taking place in each seminar.

7.  Please pray for the team unity also against the Satan’s plan.

8.  Please pray for the seed of God’s word which has been sown in the hearts will bear much fruits .

 Thank you .May God Bless you.

In Christ


Dinbandhu ministries

Yavatmal Maharastra India 


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