Report From Tennant Creek 2.11.10


Vera Walker Battles A Witch Doctor On My Outreach in Tennant Creek


By Winnie McAlpin 

Barry called via Skype a couple times from Tennant Creek, where he was visiting Wayne and Vera Walker from 1.11.10 to 1.18.10. In June 2007, Barry made contact with Wayne, who was Bill’s first Aboriginal convert in 1978. Barry and Wayne had conversed several times in regard to Barry’s move on September 4, 2009 to Australia. Wayne picked Barry up from the airport in Alice Springs, which is a four hour flight from Sydney. Tennant Creek is located about 4 hours north of Alice Springs and seven hours south of Katherine. Barry said that the Tennant Creek area had more rain than in twenty years from cyclones, which had hit near Darwin. The dessert was green in many areas. Wayne and Barry drove on roads which were over running with water on the highway. Barry stated that maybe the rain and flooding in the desert had prophetic significance. Wayne said that Vera had made the same comment.

In 2001, Tennant Creek had a population of 3,185, of which 1,176 identified themselves as Aboriginal. Some of the Aboriginal people live in the bush without buildings, while some live in the town. In the town there are nine different tribes of Aboriginals, who all speak their own language. They live in different areas of the town, which are called a community, and is similar to an Indian Reservation. Many of Wayne’s relatives live at Tennant Creek. This is the area where Wayne’s Grandparents had lived. Wayne is from mixed blood genealogy, but there are many full blood Aboriginals in this out back town. Barry arrived at the time of “Ceremony,” which is an ancient Aboriginal tradition. This is whenthey pass on traditions and stories of their culture. This time also includes the circumcision  of teenage boys by the elders. Before his arrival, Barry read a news article about three young boys, who had been circumcised. They were taken in by the local hospital at Tennant Creek due to bleeding profusely because the elders had been drunk during the ceremony.

Tennant Creek is also the area where Graeme Treloar’s, son-in-law of Harold McLeod, (COG Field Director), friend’s wife’s father was raised from the dead. The story is as follows: In the early 1900’s the boy died when he was five years old. They prepared him for burial by putting him on a burning platform for a few days, and to the people’s amazement he was resurrected. The boys first words were, “I have been with the One they call Father.” It is said that he brought the gospel to the Aboriginals before the first missionaries arrived. Graeme plans to return to Australia in the near future and feels a call to the Aboriginal people.

It was morning in Australia and evening in the USA when Barry called. He slept on a one inch foam pad, called a swag, while staying in a Sunday School room at an AOG church. Bill also talked to Wayne and Kye via Skype. Bill showed Kye boomerangs via Skype video, which were made by his father, Wayne Walker, and also some made by his Grandfather, Gordon Nagas.

The pastor of the AOG church where Barry stayed, known as Pastor Michael, does social work in the community as well as pastoring the local church. The church has both Caucasian and Aboriginal people attending the services. Barry spoke well of Pastor Michael. He stated that Pastor Michael has a heart for the people and is very dedicated to the work at Tennant Creek. He has been laboring in Tennant Creek for over 25 years and has had many struggles. Barry spent time with Pastor Michael and gave him encouragement.

Pastor Michael gave Barry several opportunities to minister. Barry was appreciative for the opportunity to share. He didn’t take his guitar to Tennant Creek, but was able borrow one to play for worship on Wednesday, where he also spoke to a small group. The title of his message was Heritage and Legacy. He spoke about those who have come before us and what we leave behind. He encouraged the people of the importance of passing on their faith to the next generation. Barry also spoke on Sunday morning. His message was called Facing Your Giant. One of his comments stated that we need to see our problems and challenges the way God sees them. He said that when you take the “gi” out of the “giant”, what do you have? The people’s reply was “ant,” and that’s exactly how God sees your situation, as being small. Nothing is too big for God to handle.

Barry talked about a full blood Aboriginal, named A. J, who is one of the most influential tribal leaders in the community. This man, who is a musician, is about 6 feet 2 inch tall and huge in size. Barry found it interesting that A. J. was coming to find the pastor to get right with God at the same time, the Pastor, Barry and Wayne, was going to his house for a visit. This man had been away from God for about three years. Barry talked with A. J. for 1 ½ hours and gave him Words of Knowledge. He and his wife recommitted their lives back to the Lord. After prayer, A .J. said he felt electricity in his body. He stated that he had come in heavy and now he felt light. Since Barry has arrived home, he has heard that A. J. is in church and doing well. Wayne said A. J. is singing during worship and just weeps before the Lord in some of the services.

Wayne and vera Walker were feeling disappointed and heartbroken after their attempt to pastor in Alice Springs for the AOG. Barry spent time encouraging Wayne and Vera and related many struggles, which his father and he had experienced while doing ministry through the years. He related that it is unfortunate that some of our biggest opposition can come from within the church. However, we must continue to work for God even in our time of rejection and hurtful situations. Wayne and Vera were encouraged after learning that the church work throughout the world has experienced the same struggles. Their faith was extended to believe that they could continue with the Lord’s strength.

Vera Walker, as Wayne has stated, is the preacher in his family. Vera acts in the role of a national prophet to Australia. Vera is thought to be a prophetess, who received the mantle of her father, Gordon Nagas, who was a gifted Bible teacher. Vera’s father died about 10 years ago. There were about 3000 people who attended the funeral. Barry stated that Vera is also well educated and a gifted teacher of the Word. Barry and I talked about the first Aboriginal, who joined the Church of God in 1980.  Eddie Hickling.  Eddie, who could not read English, had stated that he could only read English from the Bible. I also related how Eddie would take his family to the bush and spend days praying and fasting.

Due to the popularity of Gordon Nagas and his influence in a number of countries, Vera was given the opportunity to speak to the Australian Government. Aboriginal leaders were chosen to speak about their concerns directly to the parliament in 2001. She was the only woman to speak and there was also 6 men, who were invited. Vera had studied 5 weeks, but lost her notes, so she had to speak without them. Vera’s theme was entitled The Glory and during the speech she gave a prophetic message. Vera said she was somewhat afraid and kept her eyes closed most of the time.  When she opened her eyes at the end of her message, many were kneeling down, praying, and others were weeping and repenting.

Vera did not know at the time, butlater found out that a lot of the Aboriginal leaders had received large sums of monies from the Australian government.  Those who received the monies, did not pass it into the designated areas for which it was given. She prophesied that if the Aboriginal leaders did not act properly, the opportunity for the Aboriginals to speak would cease. One year later, this privilege was no longer available. Vera was also invited to have lunch with the Deputy Prime Minister, but because Wayne was not with her, and being somewhat fearful, she declined.

On one of the days, while Barry was in Tennant Creek, Vera stated that they needed to go to prayer for warfare, which they did. Vera did not know that on the night before, Barry and others had been worshiping at the church. They had played some warfare and intercession music until about eleven at night. The next morning, she was approached by two demon possessed women. One woman approached her and stated she needed to leave town, she wasn’t welcome there. When Vera rebuked the spirit, the woman started screaming and manifesting. The other woman was the town witch, who was known to be the “town healer”. She challenged Vera while in the town hospital. Vera stood her ground and pleaded the blood of Jesus. The witch stated that she was going to send the “little boy” meaning evil spirit, after Vera. Vera began to pray against her and the witch started pulling her hair out. The other old lady, who was with the witch, began manifesting evil spirits. Esther, Barry’s wife who was in Sydney, stated that she felt that a demon had attacked her during one of the nights while Barry was in Tennant Creek.

Barry stated that Wayne’s 18 year old son, Kye, has received a transforming experience with God. Kye stated that his father never pushed him, but wanted his children to find a real experience like Wayne had found in 1978. Barry talked to Kye about how God is love and about relationships. Barry spent much time with Kye, who now calls Barry his Uncle. Kye’s siblings are impressed with the change in Kye since he recently gave his heart to God. A cousin saw Barry and Kye driving around town while they were taking video in the dark. It was so dark Barry could not video except with a night setting on his camera. The next day the cousin asked Kye what he was doing in the town at night. They stated that they were afraid because they could see light all around Barry and Kye. Barry was making a video which will give Kye’s testimony.

Billy, who is Wayne’s brother, is the worship leader at the AOG church. Wayne has two brothers in the Tennant Creek area who are not Christians. There had been a family disagreement in Wayne’s extended family. Billy was reconciled to his unsaved brother while Barry was at Tennant Creek. Vera stated that the unsaved brother came to her house all excited stating, “I been reconciled to my brother Billy.” Barry had spent much time encouraging and sharing with Billy. Many of Wayne’s extended family are moving to the Tennant Creek area where they can find work.

Wayne put Barry in contact with Pastor Will Dumas, an Aboriginal pastor, who is about Barry’s age, who has a Bible School at Tweed Heads on the border of NSW and QLD. Pastor Will is doing a great work for God. . He is working with the AOG and his church averages about 250 in attendance.  Pastor will is also planting new churches. Barry talked to Pastor Will Dumas via telephone and will visit with him when he comes to Sydney sometime in February. Pastor Will is the pastor for the current Australian Idol Winner, named Stan Walker. Stan has an amazing talent and is an incredible witness for the Lord.. Wayne Walker and Pastor Will talk on a weekly basis. Barry is thinking that he may do some teaching at Pastor Will’s Bible School.

Wayne also shared with Barry about an Aboriginal pastor in Perth, named Timmy Edwards. Some time in the past, Timmy had worked under the ministry of Gordon Nagas. He has an amazing testimony of how God spared his life. Timmy had after being stranded in shark infested waters for 18 hours before being rescued by a fishing boat. Timmy Edwards also conducts a Bible School. Wayne said this would be a good contact for future ministry.

Barry related another story from Tennant Creek. He told how that, while in a prayer meeting, Vera was praying and speaking in tongues. Barry was playing the guitar in the background. After the manner in which Vera spoke changed, she stated that she thought Barry and Billy should pray for the AOG pastor, Pastor Michael. She instructed that Pastor Michael’s hands should be raised, one by Barry and one by Billy. She gave a tongue while Barry interpreted a message from God to Pastor Michael. Barry remembered Gordon Nagas and Bill had ministered in a similar manner, and now the daughter and son of these men were ministering in the same way.

By having known Wayne Walker, Barry now has many potential contacts with Aboriginal leaders in Australia. Wayne and Vera are very thankful and appreciative that Barry has moved to Australia. Vera stated that she could not believe it when she heard of his moving. Barry feels that his trip to Tennant Creek was very fruitful and God is going to do great things. Wayne, Billy and other family members remember when Barry was in tent meetings with Bill. They have fond memories of Bill and the tent ministry days. Wayne said he considers Bill as a spiritual Father to him. Barry is happy with getting the contacts with the Aboriginal pastors. He stated that when Wayne Walker told the other Aboriginal leaders that Barry is all right, he was readily accepted by other Aboriginal pastors.

Barry stated that he does not feel anxious about what is going to happen for his ministry in Australia, but is waiting on God. He stated that God told him three things when he first arrived in Australia as follows: 1) scout out the land, 2) assess the spiritual condition of the land, 3) and wait for the God moments. Barry and Esther are planning to be in the USA sometime between June and August 2010. They will visit family and friends while raising a budget for September 2010 through the following year. Please pray for Barry and Esther as they seek to fulfill God’s call on their lives in Australia. It has been prophesied on several occasions that revival was coming to the outback and to the Aboriginal people. Please pray that revival in Australia comes quickly.

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